1. The Romanian Union of Liberal Professions is a Romanian legal person without a lucrative scope, operating autonomously.
  2. The Romanian Union of Liberal Professions is a non- governmental, apolitical organization, set up on 11th of June 2001, on the basis of Government Ordinance no. 26/2000 that gained legal personality by its registration in the Registry of Associations and Foundations kept by the Law Court.
  3. The Romanian Union of Liberal Professions consists of associations of liberal professions and it is open to the adhesion of all professional organizations and legal persons that fulfil the conditions set out in its Statute. UPLR affirms taht it represents about 140.000 liberal professionals. The Romanian Union of Liberal Professions has a status of an observer member of the European Council of Liberal Professions - CEPLIS and the World Union of Professions - WUP. UPLR participates in the social dialogue organized within the framework of the Economic and Social Council of Romania, where it has a status of am observer member

The member associations of UPLR are the following:

  1. The Chamber of Romanian Architects;
  2. The Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania;
  3. The National Association of the Romanian Bar;
  4. The National Association of Registred Valuators of Romania;
  5. The College of Pharmacists from Romania;
  6. The Romanian National Association of Practitioners in Insolvency;
  7. Veterinarians' College of Romania;
  8. The Notary Public National Union of Romania;
  9. The Geodetic Order from Romania
  10. The Romanian Management Consultancies Association - RMCA
  11. The Romanian Social Worker National College
  12. The Body of Technical Experts Association of Romania